To my anoynomus poster

I dont think the way you dress is the problem. It could simply be because you are as young as 14. Honenesty if girls like you (who are much more selective) I almost wouldnt worry. Still if the guys dont like you if you dress to slutty it is a turn off for most belive it or not. Guys at that age are also more immuture so they may not be ready. Other possiblities include them being intimidated by you if your popular. To them it could be like asking out a head cheerleader. Or to you the Football Captin or Cute Jock. There are a ton of factors besides I used to never have guys after me when I was a freshmen but I found out as a sophmore that they all liked me but didnt want to ask because they where intimidated. So honestly there are a number of diffrent factors but be yourself guys hate when you become somthing your not to impress them. Outgoing personalites are esspically attractive but make it hard for a guy to ask you out because they are afraid. So be yourself and dont worry they will follow they are most likely not ready.


Relationship/ sorry i couldnt get to u

Im so sorry i could not get back to you!!

Here is what you can do be yourself and dont give it up for any body yes it is hard to find someone like you and when u do dont rush it.

If you compermise who u are for a guy now and he leaves you then who are you?

You will run into diffrent bumps along the way

if you dont want to be yourself then you can always find out if you have somthing in common like a sport or a song or even a teacher (example)

Besides if you are nice to him and hes mean to you how good do you think a relationship with that person would be???

Just ask yourself what are you looking for in a person?
What are They looking for??
What do you have in common?
How do you treat one another?
How do you think it would go and last?

Simple questions can determin if they are right for you or not just....ask them and think before you leap


Sorry It is hard to get on here sometimes

Um... well it can be really hard to get on I am trying to balance a lot!! For starters all my friends problems I cant keep strait and my school work!!
Argh... bombardid no not really but um some things I am coming across for yall...

The key to any relationship is comunication with one another

If you are having troubles with friends do the right thing and talk it out!

Um... if your friend borrowed somthing and cant rember to get it back to you go and get it....

Then ask yourself if a person is really your friend ex.. does she or he treat you like one the basics ppl...

Thats it for now i guess... feel free to email me or comment email is sgxx21@yahoo.com

I understand compleatly

Here are a few suggestions for girls turn on's /offs and a few questions to ask yourself before you approch a girl.
1. Do you act cockey or confident a little to much - turn off
2. Are they strait I am not joking on this because I have crushed on guys that where gay so its possible.
3. Do you come on to strong (turn off)
4 . Do you flirt to much?

1. get to know them better or if you know them just be there for the person
2. figure out what they like to do from their friends
3. try to figure out why they do not like you and see if it a sub consicous thing you were not aware of that maybe you want to stop doing

Turn on's
A nice guy who...
does well in school
and shares similar intrests ex: music, humor, clubs things like that


Yea I haven't been on in forever

So sorry life gets so hectic...


you get busy with your friends and the amount of homework :( ach just so much!!!

Well here is a great high school insult for all of you girls who like cat fights

You should be a super hero!
(catch them off guard)
Because half your face is covered!



Finals are the worst week ever in some respects. Unless you reallllllllllly want to get out of school. So keep up your notes and flashcards save them and use them. Make flashcards from your notes and use them to study for finals. It will make ur life easier and then when it is all over you can burn them... (not for mid terms though save them for finals at the end of the year) Then burn....



Relationship advice:

Ok I am over my last advice...
Anyway Relationships...
If you are a freshmen: Don't fall into the I need a guy trap. Get a good GPA and start strong then when you are a sophmore you have that Jr. or Senior to look foward to. Ok so now you know freshmen year is a tough year and you need to focus and if you make four A's a C will not hurt you. So get a good foundation to build on next year and then focus on that guy or gal you like



What sights are good for homework?
This was a frequent question that has been asked to me

Depending on what you are doing
Google (search)
encarta.msn.com (genral if you sign for $30 a year get math help and more)
Strong recomendation on encarta helps in every aspect
Prodjects it has photos and articals
Offers additional Math
Offers Langage help in French, Spanish, German and Italian
For prodjects that invole travle
hollandamerica.com (crusie and packages)
orbitz.com (most effactive for flights and hotles)